Empire Deluxe Series Multi Purpose Flooring


Quality and Performance
 Systems that withstand high intensity sports including basketball, volleyball and in-line skating.
 Impact absorption and sound reduction properties for areas with heavy weights or equipment.
 High density rubber tiles that are resistant to athletic shoe spikes and skate blades.

Health and Safety 
• Court systems that optimize athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury for high intensity indoor sports.
• Antifungal and textured, slip-resistant surfaces to defend against unsafe conditions around pools and in locker rooms.
• Reliable stability and security to endure high impact force in high traffic cardio areas and weight rooms.
• Entrance systems that reduce debris and particulates to promote healthy indoor air quality.

Durability and Lasting Value 
 Sports court flooring that stands up to tables, chairs and heels during non-sport events.
 Gym flooring that never needs sanding or refinishing to significantly reduce maintenance time and expense.
 Reversible, non-laminated and environmentally-friendly rubber flooring tiles that retain uniform color to provide long lasting wear and extended life.
 Matting products that remove dirt, salt and moisture to protect interior surfaces and decrease the potential for slips and falls.



4.5mm Multi-Purpose Commercial Wellness Flooring Roll