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Who are we?

Established on March 2016 as Refurbished Gym Equipment Company,now Empire Fitness Solution have grown with our own series of Gym Equipment and Gym Flooring Brands.This is because of successful penetration of Fitness Market in Malaysia and Asia with online sales.We have done business with France,India,United Kingdom and most of the Asia country hence proving us to be online with World Famous Brands.

Empire Fitness Solution has been formed with the purpose of providing a one stop fitness solution for Asian and International market.Our Equipment are mostly designed at USA with Muscle Movement Technology to target 95% on the specific muscles during workout.In addition,on beginning of 2018 we started to provide premium sports flooring which is derived technology from Germany.

Our Services includes 

  • Home Gym Setup

  • Semi Commercial Gym setup such as Office gym

  • Commercial Gym Setup Such as Condo Gym,Club House Gym and Colleges 

  • Premium Sports Flooring

Empire Fitness Solution also caters gym designing, planning and maintenance/repair works. We provide free professional consultation for anyone who is interested let it be an individual or corporate company in opening their own health club.


When you choose Empire Fitness Solution, you are choosing more than fitness equipment, you are entering into a relationship that will enhance your life, improve your performance and ensure the effectiveness of your every workout through every day you use your equipment. Every sale, every promise and every employee is dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations. This isn't our company statement, this is our way of doing business. As other fitness providers come and go, Empire Fitness Solution remains the single stable solution to your fitness needs.


We do it better and we keep on delivering it.


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